Plasma Cutter Metal Art Projects For Your Home

Last updated on 20th June, 2019

It’s no secret that today’s society craves D.I.Y. projects. Whether you like being able to show off your handy work, need a new hobby, or just simply cannot afford to buy what you are making, most people complete a D.I.Y. project at some point. Creating art out of metal is an excellent D.I.Y. project choice. Using the right tools, such as a plasma cutter, can help you create beautiful metal art for your home.

Plasma Cutter Metal Art Projects

Plasma Cutter For Metal Art That Actually work

What is a Plasma Cutter?

A plasma cutter is a tool that is used to cut through metals using plasma. Plasma is an ionized gas that is created when gas is heated and the particles become charged. Compressed air, which is part of the plasma cutter, is then used to push the molten metal out of the cut.

There are many types of plasma cutters and they are used in a variety of settings. Most commonly, plasma cutters are used in factories or industrial settings such as auto repair shops or construction sites, but smaller plasma cutters may be used in the home for home repairs or other hobbies.  

Plasma cutters are fast and easy to use, can be used on any kind of metal or electrical conductor, and produces a cleaner cut than a torch. So, if you are looking for something to help you with a metal art project, a plasma cutter may be for you.

Plasma Cutter for the Home


Plasma cutters vary in size and intended use. Industrial plasma cutters can be very large in size as they are used for high yield projects and are used frequently. They need to be reliable and able to handle heavy duty materials. Plasma cutters intended for home use are significantly smaller and can even be found in handheld sizes. For home art projects, a handheld plasma cutter is your best bet. It is easier to maneuver and easy to store. They are also pretty simple to learn how to use.

When choosing a plasma cutter, size isn’t the only thing you need to consider. You want to make sure that the plasma cutter you are purchasing doesn’t use more power than your outlet can support. Because plasma cutters are electrical tools, you need to have it plugged into a power source.

You cannot use a large plasma cutter in a regular house without risking electrical damage, electrical outages, or even electrical fires. You also want to pay attention to whether the plasma cutter you are looking at comes with compressed air or if you will need to purchase compressed air separately. For home art projects, it is best to get a small plasma cutter that already comes with compressed air. This will cut down on your overall cost and having a smaller cutter will help keep down the electrical related risks.

Finally, you want to make sure that the plasma cutter you purchase can cut the metal you plan on using. Most home-use plasma cutters can cut into metal that is between 1” and 1.5”. Although this is the typical thickness that a smaller plasma cutter can handle, you want to do your research and be sure that what you are buying can cut the metal you plan to use.

Using a Plasma Cutter for Art

Plasma cutting may seem very industrial; however, if you look at metal art work created by plasma cutters, you will see the beauty in owning one. Because the plasma cutter uses hyper heated gas and compressed air, it is able to create clean straight and curved lines in metal that look similar to drawings. You will hold on to the nozzle of the plasma cutter and freehand draw the design you want into a piece of metal. This will cause the metal to fall away and leave you with a cut in the shape of your design in the piece of metal. If you are not confident that you can freehand a design, you can draw on the metal with pencil or another non-conductive material and trace it with the plasma cutter to get your desired look.

Plasma cutters’ clean cuts allow for intricate designs perfect for any purpose. Some people use plasma to cut shapes out of metal such as an animal or silhouette. Others use plasma to cut shapes or designs into the metal such as flowers or other patterns. You can turn virtually any piece of metal into artwork that you can then use as a sign for your door, a décor piece in your living room, or a center piece for your kitchen table.

Things to Remember

Plasma cutters are powerful tools. They can be very dangerous. Please make sure you have a plasma cutter that uses the appropriate amperage for the outlet you are using. Also make sure that you have the appropriate protective gear. Goggles and gloves are the most basic form of protection. This will keep your hands from becoming burnt and protect your retinas from damage. Some people also prefer to wear long sleeves when using a plasma cutter and a sort of ear protection.

If you are using your cutter inside, make sure you have good ventilation, or you will need to wear a mask. Make sure that your plasma cutter is out of reach of children and animals and that you are cutting in a dry area free of debris or flammable objects away from children and pets. Lastly, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for proper use of a plasma cutter. This will ensure your and other’s safety when using this tool.

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